Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fancy Flea April Lakeland Florida

To read a post about the Fancy Flea Spring 2013 click here:
Fancy Flea Spring 2013 
My friend Paula and I set up this past Saturday at the Fancy Flea, a vintage home and garden market  in the beautiful historic district of  Lakeland, Forida. This popular event is held twice a year. I snapped a few pictures at random and some were taken  early while people were setting up. I will post lots more pictures in a few days.   

This booth is Carol's from the Polka Dot Closet. She wasn't fully set up yet.
This was my space, with Paula's to the left. My big pieces disappeared early.

Paula, frantic during set-up. She wanted everything to be perfect, and it was.

Paula made these adorable burlap flowers for her tent. How cute are they?

I'm glad this tattered chair went to a new home. I've had it for years and finally decided I was never going to do anything with it. Same story with the piece of scrap iron.

I love this chest.

Paula, busy "spinning her magic". Notice there was no shortage of shoppers.

Soooo many people.

I will add more pictures soon in another post.

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