Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Little White Stand

My intention was to take the drawers out of these stands, paint them, decorate them, then use them for display.
But after the drawers were painted and I saw how pretty they were, I decided to go ahead and update the stands as well.  

Before I show you the "before" and "during" I will show you this picture of the "after".

I will say this was a really fun project because the start of this project was really bad and I knew it could be really good.

These stands were originally part of an Art Deco vanity, most likely with a low shelf and a large round mirror in between them.

These were right inside my storage shed.
I can't hardly get in it any more, there is just too much "stuff".
So instead of going out and spending money on more "stuff" I plan to work on some of the "stuff" I already have.

Here you can see where the stands were once connected to the vanity.
Also, one caster is missing.
I see wood putty. I think I started working on these a long time ago.
I probably decided they needed too much work and gave up on them.

Before I painted the drawers, I removed the felt liner that was in them.
Then I cleaned and sanded them.
The veneer was bad on the fronts so I removed it.
Then more sanding, then paint.
I will have to fill a few holes in the drawer fronts with wood putty.

These are the original lion's head drawer pulls.
I have always loved these but I've decided I might not even use them.
I might go to Hobby Lobby and buy some real pretty ones.

At the bottom of this side the veneer was wrinkled.
So I glued it and added weights to hold it down, then let it dry overnight.
The plastic bag keeps the glue from sticking to the weights.
When I removed the weights I noticed the veneer was still a little bit puckered so I laid a towel along the edge and ironed it.
This melted the glue and made the veneer lay flat.
Even though I am going for a shabby chic look, I still want it to be the best that I can make it.

The veneer on the top has to completely come off.
It is really bad.

This is an easy process with our Wagner heat gun.
After I heat up the gun, I just hold the nozzle close to the veneer and melt the glue underneath.
Then, while it is still hot, I lift it off with a putty knife.

I borrowed Mr. Shabby for the photo shoot.

At this point we really had to make sure we were doing it right because our supervisor, Lucy, was checking our progress.

After the veneer was removed, I had to fill some places with wood putty.
I let it dry overnight then sanded the entire top smooth.

Remember now, the finished piece will be pretty.

It turned out pretty good.
I would be lost without my little Makita hand sander.
Next, I will prime it.

On the side we added a thin strip of wood then filled with wood putty.
The thin strip of wood was actually a paint stirrer cut to fit. It was the perfect thickness that we needed.
Then more wood putty, more dry time, then more sanding.
Whew! I see why I gave up on this piece before.


Found one!!
I got lucky and found an old caster. It is even scruffy and matches perfectly.

At this point, it is pretty much all repaired and primed.
Now, I'm going to tell you something that I shouldn't admit.
I have a large, sturdy work bench that rolls around, where ever I want it to go.
So why am I working on this twittered up little table?
Because my dream work bench is loaded down with "stuff". hehe

I probably shouldn't have painted the inside of the drawers pink.
It sort of narrows the buying field.
Oh well.
I found a shade of pink that I really love.
It looks like raspberry.

Here it is after I painted it with DIY chalk paint.
I just took some of the satin latex paint and added about 1/3 as much Plaster of Paris.
I'm not sure what my next step will be.
I might add a brown glaze and I might distress it.
I haven't made up my mind yet.
But I'm sure I will stick with the Heirloom white for the outside and the raspberry pink on the inside of the drawers.

I am only partly finished with the first stand.
If I add glaze or distress it I will wait until the second one is done then finish both of them at the same time.

The nearest Hobby Lobby is about an hour away from where I live so I will wait on the knobs for now.
The ones shown in the photos are borrowed.

At this point, I am happy with the progress.

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  1. Hi Connie! Thank you so much for visiting me. I hope you'll come back again sometime!

    Now girlfriend...that table from the vanity is amazing! Lots of work but totally worth the effort. The makeover is amazing. LOVE IT! are a girl after my own heart!


  2. Wow Connie, you really do have somes guts when it comes to tackling a renovation piece. This stand looks wonderful, and it's not even finished yet. I admire your hard work. I usualy leave all that to my other half and I do the painting and get the praise from everyone.

  3. Oh My Gosh, Connie! That is SOOOO cute. I love the pink inside and you did a beautiful job with it all. Those are going to be a beautiful pair when they are all done- xo Diana

  4. Wow these turned out great....
    I just love when something starts out so sad looking and with some care a beauty is born ;)
    Thank for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment....


  5. Lovely!! Yes, those drawers are pretty painted!

  6. What a great project-I just passed on my vanity to my niece so I'll pass on your site info to her-she's a stylist setting up a salon so I think she'll be thrilled with your project.

  7. I am so glad you told us that was hubby's arm Lol! I have a difficult project waiting in my garage too. I am so glad you kept it, sometimes it is a labor of love and ...You just have to keep it because it is so adorable!


  8. I love that little stand.... I really love that you painted the inside of
    the drawers Pink! Now that was Creative....

  9. You included some great tips for dealing with difficult veneer issues. I love that raspberry popping out from the drawers! Thank you for the trip to the Flea Market in the other post. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour!

  10. Wow...that was a lot of work! But it turned out just darling. I think the pink drawers are fun.


  11. What a success story! Your table is charming. I'm pinning it under how to remove wood veneer and repair battered furniture. Thanks for all the instruction.

  12. Hi Connie! What an adorable stand! It's just beautiful now! Lots of work but so worth the end result!

    Thank you for the visits and comments on my blog. I did respond to both of your questions, but I don't know if you have seen them about my camera. I tried to email you too but it wouldn't go through...I think the problem is on my side though. Anyway I decided I would let you know here so you would get the info.

    My camera is a Nikon D50....and I use a couple of differnt lenses along with some filters. One of the lenses is also a Macro lense. Really helps when I try to get up close and show detail. Don't know anything about most of any of those things either. I just play and cross my fingers! I've had it now for about 7 years. That's pretty sad isn't to not know much about it. My husband bought it for me because I just hated how my pictures looked from this little Kodak I was using. I have also started using this photo editor called PicMonkey....It's amazing. It's free but there are features you can't use unless you pay a membership. After using it for a bit and seeing what I could do with my pictures, I paid the $33.00 a year membership to be able to use all the features. I think it was totally worth it. I have a great camera, but I'm not a great photographer. Some of my pictures really look uck but with PicMonkey I can usually salvage most of them. So a good camera and a good photo editor I'm learning are key to good photos.

    Hope that helps and if you have any other questions I can help you with, please don't hesitate asking! :)

    Love Love you cabinet! :) Thank you so much for all your lovely compliments on my pictures too. I'm so glad you have enjoyed them and the posts of the Fancy Flea! A fantastic market and so fun! :)


  13. I love your little stand! It is super cute and I love the pop of pink when you open the drawer!!! And great use of the paint stick! Hugs!

  14. I'm always amazed at the impact of paint on a vintage piece of furniture. I love the drawers painted pink inside


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