Tuesday, April 30, 2013

OMG Another Ladder

If you are in the business of "treasure hunting" you have probably found that you sometimes have a run on finding similar things.
Lately, for me, it's been ladders.
First, I bought a 6' ladder and got rid of it asap because it was too big and heavy.
Next, I found a cute little 4' ladder. It's all painted up and pretty.
And recently, I found this cute little ladder that only stands about 21" tall.
It is adorable (after a little tlc).

This is what it looks like after I painted it.
This was such an easy project.
All I had to do was paint it, then distress it.
I used Heirloom white, latex satin paint.

This is what it looked like when I bought it.

It's very well built.

The man I bought it from charged me $1.00 for it.
As I carried it to my car I think he was laughing at me.

The shutter on the left is one of my painted projects.
So is the "chic" sign.
I made the sign out of our old porch flooring.

I have it sitting on the dresser I bought a couple of weeks ago.
To see what the dresser looked like when I bought it check out 
My Morning Haul

The little dresser has good bones but boy, did it need a lot of work!
The first thing I did was add casters.

The paint job on the exterior was o.k. but I felt the sides of the drawers needed cleaned up.
Plus, every one of the big drawers needed major repair.
Mr. Shabby worked many hours fixing them for me.

After the drawers were repaired, I worked one whole day cleaning, sanding, and painting them.
Then I wiped the inside of the drawers with orange bees wax.
Now they look clean and smell clean.

I didn't paint the exterior , I just distressed it a little more.

This is my sweet little 4' ladder, all painted up and pretty.
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  1. You have made some of the cutest ladders-I'm ashamed to say I passed mine on to goodwill when they got creaky. ;-0

    1. Hi, Mine is creaky, too but perfect to use in displays. Thanks for stopping by...Connie

  2. I love ladders...Is that weird? I have one now waiting to be painted. :) It looks so great in your shop, I pinned it to my lovely display board. :)

    1. Hi Denise, Thanks for pinning me. I checked out your board. It is awesome...Connie

  3. I cannot believe you have lucked up on a third ladder when I have been looking for weeks for one! I love the vignette you have created on the dresser. Great job cleaning up the dresser and making it pretty.

    1. Hi Donna, I know! I found 3 ladders at 3 different places this month. I'm going out again this Sat. Maybe I'll find another one? Thanks for the comments...Connie

  4. I love vintage ladders. The smaller ones make great little side tables, especially on a porch.
    Mary Alice

    1. Hi Mary Alice, I agree. Nobody wants to climb on wooden ladders anymore so it's good that we decorate with them...Connie

    2. Hi, Donna! I enjoyed seeing your finds and how you improved them. What a cute ladder! I love them, too. I have a small ladder in our bathroom that I painted green years ago and hung antique linen towels on it. Aren't they the best for display???

      My first time linking with all of you, and already, I'm loving what I see.



  5. Oh Connie, I don't know where my comment went, anyway love your ladder what a find! Thank you for the congrats on my dress form business opportunity


  6. Love your ladders,swoon.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Connie,
    Your ladder and your chest of drawers are so wonderful! Maybe iw ill get going on mine..I need to quit saying maybe! You are an inspiration, girl!
    Love you Chic sign as well.!
    Thanks for coming by!

  8. Your little ladder is adorable! Love the dresser, too!

  9. Awesome ideas. I am so impressed with your dresser redo! Can you tell me where you find orange bees wax? I need some of that! :-)

    1. Hi, Thank you for the comment. The product is made by Howard and is usually sold in Antique stores (possibly ebay, too). On the front it says: Feed-N-Wax, Wood Polish & Conditioner. Beeswax & Orange Oil. I love it. It is easy to use and smells delicious...Connie

    2. Super! Thanks so much Connie!


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