Friday, January 11, 2013

1930s Cabinet Reveal

After working on this cabinet for about 2 weeks, then waiting for hardware that was back ordered, I can finally say I'm finished with this project.


After I bought this cabinet, I thought about what to do with it for about 2 weeks.
I wasn't sure if I should paint it or not.
Then, when I did decide to paint it, the color combinations were endless.

In this "before" picture you can see a part of the beautiful fretwork was missing.
Also, there were no castors.
What you can't see is how dirty it was and it was really stinky.

I started this project by taking it apart and giving it a quick sanding, using my Makita hand sander.
I removed the back so I could work on the inside more easily.
The two wooden shelves were alright but I decided to add glass shelves at a cost of about $36.00.
Also, I did away with the pediment, which was not original to the piece.

I primed the entire piece using DIY chalk paint.
I mixed some blue "oops" latex paint with Kilz 2, then added a handful of Plaster of Paris.
I got some of the mixture on my skin and could not wash it off with soap and water.

When I finished all the painting, I gave it a light distressing.
Then I waxed it using SC Johnson Paste Wax.

This is what I call a light distressing.
I love how the blue primer peeps through.

I love, love the fretwork.

Mr. Shabby repaired the fretwork.

This is the fretwork all repaired and primed.

This is a close up of the inside.
Very dirty, very stinky.

What a difference paint can make.
Not only does it make it beautiful, it makes it a lot cleaner and improves the smell.
And I'm glad I sprung for the glass shelves.

I bought a new lock with an extra key for about $30.00.
Then I went to Lowe's and bought a cabinet light that cost around $10.00.

The reproduction, wooden castors make all the difference.
Now I can move it easily.
Before, it was heavy and awkward and it took two people.

On the outside of the cabineet I used latex Heirloom white.
The pop of color on the inside of the cabinet and drawer is Bird song Blue.
I also painted all the hardware with Rub 'n Buff Grecian Gold, purchased at Michaels. 

I painted the beveled edge on the door the same shade of Bird Song Blue that I used on the inside, but somehow it looks a lot lighter.
I couldn't be happier with the results.
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