Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Petite Bird Bath

I've had this sweet little bird bath for years and believe it or not it's been hidden away in a drawer.

When I first got it I intended to use it in a jewelry display case.
Don't ask me why I never did.

It's very petite. It stands less than 9" tall, and the bowl measures about 6  1/2" across.

It is made out of pottery but I don't know who the maker is.

I bought this from an antique dealer friend of mine about 10 years ago.
I believe it once belonged to her mother.


It is in perfect condition with no chips or cracks.

When I saw that Funky Junk Interiors was hosting a party with a birdbath theme I decided it was time to bring this bad boy out of hiding.

Lets go take a look at some of the other bird baths at the party...
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P. S. I learned how to sign off using a digital signature from one of Funky Junk Interiors tutorials.
Thanks Donna!


Friday, August 10, 2012

Retro Garage Sale Finds

Last week I took a trip to Indiana to visit my mom. After Breakfast on Friday and Saturday mornings I went out looking for the ever alluring garage sales.

After going to about a dozen sales without having any luck, I was about to give up on finding anything wonderful.
Then, I found a lady who was having a "junk" sale. I found this wonderful set of metal, retro corner cabinets.

I believe they originally hung above the kitchen sink, attached to the cabinets.
I haven't really cleaned them up yet except I had to brush away the dirt on them before I could put them in my sisters car.

I love the patina they have.
Rusty, crusty, all the good attributes.

The lady who was having the sale was on the verge of becoming a hoarder. But she was moving and didn't want to move everything she had been accumulating for the past 25 years.

My next purchase was this two piece cannister set with a bird motif.
Also, rusty and crusty.
I think the knobs are bakelite.
If so, WOO HOO!!

This is my kind of stuff, from my favorite era.
Probably the 1950's.

I'm not sure yet what I will have to do to clean these up.
On the cabinets I will definitely pull off all the dirty contact paper.

At a different sale I bought this tin with a bird motif. It is newer but I like to use pretty tins for storage.

For some reason or another, the other day I stopped in at a used furniture store here in
I was just looking around when I spotted these beautiful, pink shopping bags. I bought 100 of them for $.10 each.
I can use these in my shop plus they will come in handy when I set up at the Fancy Flea in November.
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dad's Razor

Growing up in a houseful of mostly girls, Dad had one rule:
Stay away from my razor.
Of course, that was not always the case. Mom would let us girls use it to shave our legs but would always say "It will be our little secret".  

Dad has been gone for over thirty years now. A few years ago Mom asked me if I would like to have his old razor and of course I said yes.
That pretty much started my collection.

I found these four at a garage sale last Saturday.

I have a small collection of shaving brushes as well.

Through the years, whenever I would find something shave related I would throw it in a box.

Most items in my collection are not perfect but I don't care.
Back "in the day" people used these things everyday.

I like these old sizzors.

Once we lived in a house with no indoor plumbing. On hot, summer days we would all walk down to the creek to splash in the water. There was a big rock where we could sit and take turns shaving our legs.
The water was bubbly and always ice cold but we loved every minute of it.

It's funny how collections get started.
I don't find this stuff very often, and it's usually when I least expect it.

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