Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Nostalgia

Earlier this month when I set up at the Fancy Flea, a vintage home and garden market in Lakeland, Florida I sold some of my vintage Christmas decorations.
Now I wish I had them back.
Anyhow, onward and upward.
I'd like to show you a few treasures that I will be using to decorate my house.
Most of these are recent finds.

When I first saw this plastic snowman woman, I passed it up. Don't ask me why.
She is slightly damaged on the back but that really doesn't bother me.
She's lighted.


In the upper left hand corner is a Christmas chair cover. One of 4 I bought this morning.
The ornaments in the large jar are old but the jar is new. I bought it with my Christmas money from last year.
The snow dome is very large.

The large snow dome is old but I don't know how old. It was made in Germany.
Love the snowman with the palm tree.
Very Florida.

I love these old, plastic bells.

Look how the electric is attached.

I've never seen a funky Santa like this one.
He is very thin and made of a hard substance. Like shredded milk cartons, or perhaps shredded plastic shopping bags.
Have you ever seen one like this?

Love the little devilish elf.
He's actually green but he looks blue in these pictures.

Oh, how I love these little angel ornaments.
I bought the "Linda" for my neighbor but I may have to rethink that :)

Speaking of angels, how about this little tree topper?

39 cents each. I'll take a dozen, please.

How about these plastic icicles?

The chair cover. I don't know how old these are, but they are pretty nice.

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  1. You found some great items! The chair covers will be so much fun to use and I love the bells

  2. Connie! Thank you for finding me and leaving a comment on my SweetCheeks post today. I am glad to find you back and will be your newest follower.

    It is fun to see those old plastic bells here. I was telling my oldest son about them today. Are those the ones that blinked with kind of a "ding" sound when they were plugged in? They look exactly like the ones my Mom had in the kitchen window when I was a kid in the 50's.

    I have shirttail relatives that live in Zephyrhills,FL and moved here (WI) from Ft.Myers when I got married. I still miss FL all these many years later. xo Diana

  3. Hi Diana, I plugged them in and they don't make any sound. They just cast a pretty red glow. Thanks for following me. Have a happy holiday...Connie

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Jennifer, Yes, it is adorable and very large. Thanks for stopping by...Connie

  5. Oh, I love those old red bells. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  6. Hi Linda, Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day...Connie

  7. Connie, love you blog! I am now a follwer, how could I not? You have some very cute items!Looking forward to your next post.
    Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment! I am happy to hear that you are able to still have your own store, this economy is very difficult for so many of us right now.
    Thank you for the advice about asking to sell on consignment.It is something I will think over and hopefully whatever direction this goes, the outcome will be positive.
    Thank you again for the well wishes, it is much appreciated!

    1. Hi, Thanks for stopping by and thanks also for following me. Have a great weekend...Connie

  8. Connie - the Santa is made from plastic chips that are baked so they stay together. In the late 70s I bought a Santa, a wreath, a snowman and a Rudolph Reindeer head. They are weather proof so I used them outdoors. Had them for years until we moved to Port Charlotte, FL in 2003. These type of decorations were made for all the major holidays - I remember witches and ghosts, hearts, Easter eggs, bunnies & chicks. They sold for about a $1 or $2. And the colors didn't fade, at least in CT.

    1. Hi, Thanks for the info. Even though they're old, they look like brand new. I think even in the Florida sunshine they would never fade. Thanks again...Connie

  9. Hi Connie... love all of your vintage decorations!... I would much rather have the older ones than new... your collection is fabulous!... xoxo Julie Marie

    1. Hi Julie Marie, Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend...Connie

  10. What a great collection of vintage ornaments, don't feel bad about the ones you have sold....Goodness, we can't keep it all!


    1. Hi Carol, The girls that were buying my old Christmas decorations were really happy to get them. One girl was buying them for her mom so I guess I at least made a lot of people happy. Have a great weekend...Connie

  11. Oh my, you've stirred some memories with some of your treasures. Several things look very familiar. I definitely remember those plastic bells and continued to use them until they got crunched in one of our moves. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Thanks for following my blog, and I am now following yours!

    1. Hi Carol, Thanks for following me. So many of us really like stories about "the good old days". Have a good day...Connie

  12. Thanks so much for the ornament love over my my blog today!
    I love the santa (hard plastic milk carton) and yes have seen one before! My Aunt had them when I was a little girl and I LOVED them! Seeing it made me very nostalgic for my youth! I absolutely adore vintage Christmas goodies! I loved this post! Newest follower!! xo

    1. Hi Becky, Thanks for your sweet comments and thanks for following...Connie


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