Sunday, May 12, 2013

Weekend Finds

Friday morning I stopped at an estate sale and the only thing I bought was this cute little bookcase.
I especially like it for its size.
It's only about 18" wide and about 5' tall.
It didn't have a back but that's no problem, as we go to Home Depot or Lowes about everyday.

It's nice and sturdy and had never been painted.
I looked in our stash of scrap lumber and found a piece of bead board that would work.
Mr. Shabby was kind enough to cut it to size for me.


Here I have primed both pieces.


I painted the bead board back a pretty shade of blue from the "oops" department at Home Depot.
Then I propped the back to see if I liked it.
I did.


I can't believe I started working on this Friday morning and finished it Saturday afternoon.
I don't get many easy projects like this.


This is a little retro cabinet I've been working on.
It has neat doors.
I should have this project finished this week.


On Saturday I went to an estate sale and bought this beautiful, 5 stack barrister bookcase.
It's in wonderful condition.
The finish is original, the knobs are original as well.
All the glass is old and wavy.
I can't tell you what I paid for it, but I'm asking $1,295.00.



I also found this rusty, crusty commercial magazine rack.
All I plan to do with it is seal it so the rust won't rub off on merchandise.
This is the second one of these I've found recently.

I have to keep the projects coming and this little table fits the bill.
I will paint it and change out the knobs.
After it all gets glued back together, of course.


I don't really need any more cookbooks but these looked pretty interesting.


And, can you believe I found another cute ladder?
This one is going to get painted a real funky color!


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  1. Such fabulous finds!! That barrister bookcase is awesome!! I am sure that it is worth every penny! Love the rusty magazine rack, can't wait to see what you do with the ladder!!

  2. Thanks Melanie, I will transform the ladder this week. Glad you stopped by...Connie

  3. Opps, first comment disappeared? I said you are on a ladder roll! and I love the oops blue paint, and wow on the bookcase. I love everything you picked up, it's everything I would have!


  4. Your little shelf turned out darling! I love your blog too. I'm following via GFS and in my Feedly reader. Have a great day :)

  5. Hello Connie,
    What a cute makeover you did on that piece (luv the bead board). Also that magazine rack is really neat.


  6. Another ladder!?! I cannot believe your luck. Love the blue and white bookcase with the beadboard. I have not seen a barrister bookcase in such great shape in a long time. Especially one with all the parts.


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