Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Am I A Hoarder?

Every now and then I have a tendency to let things pile up and I have to ask myself "Am I a hoarder"? Today my cleaning lady came and before she could dust the buffet I decided it was time to clean it off.
She does a real good job of cleaning but there's no way she could sort through what had piled up.

People who know me know I like a nice, clean house.
My big problem is my house was built in 1916, probably before they invented big closets.
I have very little storage but probably if I had lots of storage space I still wouldn't have enough.

I thought if I turned this cleaning project into a blog post it might be more fun.
I found some dishes and a beautiful powder box with pretty flowers.

This is a George Washington platter.

The little anniversary clock doesn't work but I can't decide what I want to do with it.
The forks are made by Wm Rogers in the grape pattern.

I bought this pretty set of vintage dishes and have never used them.
On the buffet they went.

A pretty shabby chicc platter, a Coca Cola bell and some wheat pennies.

Two vintage figural perfume bottles, an old cup and some sterling silver salt shakers.

A slag glass vase and an old oil lamp.
The two elephants are "Made In Occupied Japan".

Most of this was on the corner but covered up with "stuff".
Some of this is my everyday jewelry.
I see two peach colored prisms.


I found a 1937 Rand McNally World Atlas.
It only has sixteen pages.
And a booklet about "Dear Old London", circa 1928.

A couple of reference books, some small oil cans and a granite ware colander.

I use the compote on the left to serve cranberry sauce at holiday dinners.

Now it is all cleaned off and dusted.
I now have a clean slate to decorate.
So you might be wondering where did all that stuff go?

Well, I put it all on my dining room table, of course. lol
Now that I know for sure what I have to work with, I can find places to put it.
Some I will sell, some I will keep.
Some will get pitched, some will go to recycle.
It all has to go somewhere because it for sure isn't going back on the buffet.

P.S. I know I'm not a hoarder. I know a "Real McCoy" hoarder and she can't throw anything away.
Not even trash.

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  1. Well, hoarder or not, the good news is you have some good stuff there. I say find some ways to organize it then you can't be considered a hoarder. If you stack things just so or display them well, then it's a collection and you're in the clear! :)

    1. Hi Liz, Thanks for your comment. I don't usually let things get this bad. Yes, stacking is a solution. I will make all of this disappear tomorrow...Connie

  2. Oh thanks for letting us look at your stuff, now that was some good stuff a girl couldn't possibly part with! Looks like your buffet is just waiting for fall decor?


  3. Yes, most of the stuff was good stuff. For some reason I just got in the habit of throwing everything on the buffet. Won't do that anymore. Have a good day...Connie

  4. Love your stuff, as you call it.I couldn't help but laugh, as I took a peep at my dresser & it looks very much like yours. Mine usualy gets that way when I'm looking in a cupboard for something I know is there, but I can't find it because I've tidied the top of the dresser & shoved everything in the cupboard, so I'm back to square one. One day I will find a place for all the things I hoard. So I think the answer to your post title is yes. Because that's what my other half says I am.

    1. HI Barbara, Thanks for taking the time to comment. Glad to hear I'm not alone :) Take care...Connie

  5. Hi,
    I've just read your Alzheimer's Poem and it is beautiful. It made me cry as my Dad has Alzheimer's and it made me feel badly because I do yell and get frustrated - I try not to but it's hard. He's a great guy and every once and awhile my old Dad comes back and we have a wonderful time - laughing like the fools we are.
    Thank you for posting the poem - it really hit home. I'm going to try very hard not to be a witch-with-a-"b",

    1. Hi Cathy, I cried reading your comment. It is my mom that has Alzheimer's and I know exactly what you are going through. She is now in a nursing home and I would give anything to have her back to her old self. It is a tough road and your Dad is lucky he has you. Good luck on your journey with him...Connie

  6. I took a break to read my emails. Read the comment you left on my post on crawling and decided to come over. I am laughing so hard I am snorting. I just finished cleaning my dining room of all clutter (which resembles yours). My dining room is now ready for fall decor, but the living room? All flat surfaces are covered!
    I enjoyed your post!

    1. Sounds familiar :) Gotta love flat surfaces...Connie

  7. All such great things! It would be hard to get rid of some of it! Traci

    1. Thanks Traci, I have found a place for most of it. I just needed a push to get started :) Connie

  8. Laughing because the top of your buffet looks like mine right now!! Wroking on a project and had to put the stuff somewhere!! Oh well that is on the agenda for today!!

    Yes, I have read the poem in your sidebar and I would love to place it on my blog if you don't mind? It reminds me so much of Daddy, he may not act the same way, but the essence of Daddy remains. I see it when he smiles, or takes my hand. Hugs to you, this is not an easy road to travel! thanks for visiting me and for your kind words!!!

  9. I suspect Connie that you may well indeed be a hoarder... but whay pretties you have gathered. Thanks for sharing on Shabbilicious Friday.

  10. This is such a great post, tahnk you for sharing! I have a room in my house for all of my inventiory, craft supplies, you name it! Thankfully I can close the door when it gets to out of control. This post made me laugh , can totally relate. Have a wonderful weekend! :)


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