Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Morning Haul

Once in awhile, but not very often, I get up early on a Saturday morning and go looking for garage sales.
One of my fellow bloggers, Distressed Donna Down Home, did a post about her and her nieces recent buying trip. You can see her post here 
  Crawling The Low Country For Treasures 
Well, after reading her post, I was inspired to go on a shopping spree myself
(I'm sometimes very impressionable).
So Saturday morning I threw back the covers, jumped crawled out of bed, and off I went.
Now, keep in mind, their trip lasted several days, and mine was only for a couple of hours.
I sort of had a vision of what I was looking for and overall I think I did pretty well.

My first purchase of the morning was at the very first sale.
This little dresser is really cute.
It needs some work, of course.
A couple of the drawers need fixed and it needs new casters.
And probably some sanding and a new paint job.

As you can see, it took up most of the space in my car.

It has some nice details and I like the two little drawers on top.

It's funny I found this book case.
I've been wanting one for awhile.
This one is solid wood.
I'll probably take the back off and paint it a different color than the shelves and sides.
It stacked nicely on top of the dresser.

The 1970 Naval Training Center book was a nice find.
And the tea tile is very pretty.

I'm always looking for unusual flower pots.
These are both nice and the one on the right depicts various wines.

I thought the framed marriage blessing was real pretty.
I will update the frame with a shabby chic look.

This is a Florentine plaque Made In Italy.
The colors are real pretty and are more aqua than shown in these pictures.

I can always do something with old, wooden crates.
I will white wash these after they get a good scrubbing.

These Mid Century Modern bar stools are in rough shape and might need more attention than I want to give them.
I'm not sure which way to go with these.
They're pretty rusty.
Too rusty, I think.
Even for a shabby chic d├ęcor.
I'm going to see what it costs to have them sand blasted.
I like them so I will at least make an effort to rescue them.
I didn't realize it until I saw this picture that the chairs each have a different design on the back.
One has straight lines, one has a Deco pattern.

Galvanized wash tubs always sell well for me.
And, I love this little 4' ladder and plan to paint it.
To see what the ladder looks like after I painted it click here:
The 4' Ladder 
I bought a similar ladder a couple of weeks ago that was 6' tall.  It was awkward and heavy to move around.
I bought it one day for $5.00 and when a guy offered me $7.00 for it the next day I gladly took it.

I love the stools but like I said, it might cost too much money to refurbish them.

The wooden crates are a nice size and they're not very heavy.

I was happy with everything I bought today.
But actually, I only went to one garage sale where I bought the dresser, crates, and one flower pot.
The rest of the stuff I bought at a parking lot flea market.
I had to quit and go home because I ran out of room in my car.
Needless to say, I'll be busy this week cleaning, fixing, and painting.




  1. Connie, what a fabulous load of treasures! I love the ladder and the crates. There is hope for the chrome stools - I will email some suggestions. I have been looking for a dresser like that one - it matches what I already have. Thanks for the shout out about our Low Country Crawl.

    (You need a bigger truck!)

  2. You did very well for yourself in a short period of time. I see some really good finds there.

  3. Wow! You scored some great finds. I love the dresser and good sturdy bookshelves are hard to find. I'm always gaga for galvanized and crates too. I hope you can restore those stools. They would be really cool!

    Have a great week! Hugs,

  4. Connie,
    Your "haul" is WAY better than mine from Saturday. In fact, I'm a little green with envy over here! I am loving those chairs! I also think all that bookshelf needs is a good coat of distressing - a little sanding here and there!


    PS - very cool that you're from rural Indiana originally. I'm not a native, but that's where I'm at for now. :) And thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. I was wondering how you fit it all in your car lol! Great finds, I love step stools and boxes and everything you bought. I hate to get out of bed on Saturdays too!!!


  6. Looks like you made a pretty nice haul... always fun to junk!
    Thanks for stopping by
    Blessings today

  7. Awesome load of treasures...luv that chest!! Thanks for sharing at my party.


  8. I love all your new found treasures, my favorite is your first find, I have almost a match of that, it belonged to my Grandmother~
    Thanks for sharing,

  9. I was wondering how you got all that in your car! You're quite the packer, girl! Lovely treasures seen with an eye that knows how to transform things into something fabulous! Low country, huh? We have to talk as I'm working on moving to Charleston! What fun we could have!

  10. So many great goodies. The first dresser is a lot like the dresser I have in my daughter's room. I need fix it up! Aren't garage sales fun?!


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