Monday, April 29, 2013

Shabby Cigar/Sewing Box

So here's how this project came about.
I had a bunch of old patterns and this wonderful, scruffy cigar box.
So I came up with the idea of making a treasure box.

This was a fun, easy project.
I like to have projects like this that I can work on in between customers at my shop.


I like the old cigar box because it has character, complete with dove tail corners.
But of course, since it's mine, it's scruffy.

I've had this stash of patterns for awhile.
Some of them are old, some not so much.
Every now and then I sell one, but not very often.

I "slap painted" one coat of my new raspberry pink, latex satin paint on and let it dry.
I didn't want it to look perfect, and it doesn't.

I picked out a couple of patterns to start with and started cutting.

I knew there would be a lot of gluing so I mixed some Mod Podge and water in a bucket.
I cut the patterns helter skelter, willy nilly, then I dipped the pieces in the mixture, then pasted them onto the lid.
Cut, dip, paste. Cut, dip, paste.

I just kept cutting and pasting until I achieved the look I wanted.
Not quite enough yet.

More is better.
This is what it looked like when I was finished.

The inside of the lid is covered with black and white pattern pieces.

On the front I added the word "Treasures".
I was going to add "Buttons" but decided that would restrict its' use.
Now I can use it to store threads, trims, buttons, scissors, etc.
I'm not quite sure I like the way I added "Treasures". I might have to change this.
p.s. I did take off the word "Treasures". I just wet it down and peeled it off.
I showed it to a customer and she bought it!

I distressed the edges a wee bit.
Then I sealed it with Mod Podge.
I like how it turned out.
I think I'm having way too much fun!
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  1. Connie, that looks like a fun project. I love it, what a great idea!


  2. Wow, I love the cigar box. Do stop by My Dream Canvas. I am hosting a spring soiree and a giveaway by the famous tabletop and giftware brand Mikasa. Thanks a lot Anu


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