Saturday, January 21, 2012

Treasure In The Trash

Today one of my scouts spotted this "skinny cabinet" in someone's trash. First chance I got I went and picked it up. Turns out it is an old drawer the width of my car. I sure would like to see the cabinet it came from. I will keep an eye out for more drawers and hopefully, the entire cabinet!

I'm not sure yet what I'll do with it, but I'm thinking the drawer front would make a very nice sign of some sort.

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  1. There you are!! I'm sorry I have missed your posts. I can only say since Fancy Flea it seems so much has been going on. Hope you are well.
    Are you doing Fancy Flea in April? We are. Hope to see you there.
    I like your box, I'm sure you will find something good to do with it..


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