Thursday, May 10, 2012

Art Angels in Orlando 2nd Anniversary

My friend Kiki and I went to the Art Angels in Orlando this past Tuesday to their 2nd anniversary celebration.
We were told to look for a tree decorated with doilies, and sure enough, here it is.
Karen Sue from did a good job decorating it.

Kathy on the Left, Sue on the right. These are the Chic and Shabby girls.
We have all met through blogging and they were set up across from me at The Fancy Flea in Lakeland, Florida a couple of weeks ago.

My friend Kiki on the left and me on the right.
In the middle is another blogger, Tausha (simply me) from
She makes the most awesome dream catchers.

Tausha and Sue.

Lynn, one of the dealers at Art Angels, and Kiki.
Lynn is also a professional caterer and he catered the food, which by the way, was fabulous.

Kiki, Kathy's sister Sue, and Kathy.

This is a welcoming vignette at the front entrance.
Kiki bought this hat.

This is the beverage station. They also had a D J and I am sorry to say I didn't get his picture. But he was really good.
We had a lot of fun and we're glad we went.

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