Monday, May 14, 2012

Art Deco Vanity Section Rescued

This is one project I should have walked away from, but the $3.00 price tag suckered me in. And besides, once in awhile I like a REAL challenge.

This is a section of an Art Deco vanity. As you can see it was badly neglected. It is all scratched up and pieces of veneer are missing in several places.

 But, with a little glue and some clamps and weights it can look as good as new.
Well, it can look "Shabby Chic". hehe

I'm lucky I have access to my husband's workshop. Although sometimes he runs me out. I wonder why that is???


Every inch of this cabinet will have to be sanded. 

The process is fairly easy with my little Makita hand sander.
The drawer on the left has been sanded. The one on the right still shows evidence of roaches.
After I sand off the top layer of dirt and stains, I wipe it down with a solution of Murphy's oil soap and water, followed by a mixture of bleach and water.
Then I let it rest in the good old Florida sunshine.
After all this I feel like it is clean enough to have in the house. 

Looking good after a coat of Kilz 2.

Day 8. I started the "fun" part.

After I distressed the drawer fronts, they just didn't look right somehow. So I took a rag and lightly wiped on some of the blue paint, then lightly sanded.
I like the results.


I'm liking this robin's egg blue.  I'll probably paint the drawers a soft white and add blue knobs.


I kind of wanted to paint this pink. It was hard to decide.
See the power painter in the corner? I never use it. I can't figure out how to use it without using too much paint.

When I woke up this morning, I decided I didn't like the blue. But I went ahead and started distressing it, anyway. As I sanded and more of the white started peeping through, I started liking it again.

I like the pop of color inside the drawers. 

When I was satisfied with how it looked, I applied 2 coats of poly.

Sorry this is a long post but this was a long project
Some of my pictures are out of sequence but I don't know how to get them lined up correctly. :) 
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  1. This is beautiful! I too am more of a pink sort of person. But when I saw the first picture of your vanity section done up in the robin's egg blue and white, I thought I must try those colors on something. I love it!

    Your post also brought up another question I have. My husband hates me bringing home used items. He is very scared I am going to bring home roaches or some other pest. You noted in one picture that "the drawer on the right still shows evidence of roaches". So what is the evidence? And do you do anything special to furniture or other items to ensure your home is safe from any pests? I especially worry about the paper items I buy. (postcards, photographs, scrap books, and old books) Any advice?

  2. Hi, In picture 4 if you look closely the picture on the right has "streaks". This is most likely bug urine. So what I do is give it a light sanding with my electric sander (I always work outside) and sand by hand the places my electric sander won't reach. This "skims" off the dirt and bug residue. If I see roach eggs I scrape them off. Then wash with a mild solution of bleach water. By the time it is painted I feel it is very clean. Also, whenever I bring a piece of furniture into my shop I always clean the underneath thoroughly then spray with bug spray. For paper goods you have to watch for silver fish. Look them over carefully outside and don't let papers pile up inside. Hope this helps.


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