Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Birdie Watering Can

I have been spinning my wheels all week, not accomplishing much, so today I thought I would just officially give in and goof off by decorating this old watering can. I bought this a while back pretty cheap because the insides were really rusty. (Actually, the worst I have ever seen.)
Sorry I didn't take "before" photos but I think we all know what a watering can looks like. heehee

The first thing I had to do was scrape the rust chunks out of the inside. Then I put some watered down acrylic paint on the inside to "white wash" "blue wash" the insides. This was easy, but messy.
On the inside I used Bird Song Blue satin acrylic (watered down). Then I sprayed the outside with Krylon gloss Blue Ocean Breeze. I didn't like the gloss look so I went over most of the body with the Bird Song Blue that I really love.

With this project in mind, I have been looking on the internet for some really neat bird pictures to download. Lo and behold, I found an awesome booklet I already had in a stack of books right in front of my nose.
I made some copies and ripped out some images.

I decoupaged them on. Real easy. 

Then I thought, why not add a bird nest?
It isn't glued on yet so it might not stay.

It is kind of cute though.
The little name plate on the can reads "HAWS".

This is the back. And the same bird's nest that I had on the handle. Remember, it isn't glued down yet.

When I'm sure I'm done I will add one or two coats of poly.

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I almost forgot!

Before I spray painted I taped off the name on the front of the watering can. I saw the pucker but it just didn't register.
Also, I nixed the bird nest and opted for a strand of spanish moss and a bird.
I think I am done now.
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  1. You did a wonderful job on your "birdie watering can"! I discovered you on Savvy Southern Style and I'm now following you. I would love if you could follow back. Tx

  2. That turned out so adorable Connie! I love the images you chose. Too cute! thank you in advance for joining TTF this week. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Hello Connie. This is so cute. I think the change to the moss and bird was a good one, seems to fit better. Thanks so much for linking to Frugal Treasures Tuesday party.
    I couldn't find your link to follow but will visit again.

  4. Darling idea! thanks for linking up and sharing at the garden party today! xoxo, tracie

  5. It's gorgeous, love the blue! I bought a very cheap watering can (it leaks :) at a yard sale today and thought I would decoupage something outdoorsy and pretty onto it (it's black). Love your bird pictures. Thanks for sharing at Fishtail Cottage. Mary

  6. Love the restyle...I may have to give this a try. I'm your newest follower, found you at Bees Rental Designs.


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