Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Clarins Paris Display Case

I found this pair of Clarins Paris lucite display cases last Saturday at an estate sale.

I've been looking for that "something special" to display minitaure perfume bottles that I've collected over the years.
Each case stands about 20" tall and is about 10" wide. Each has one shelf in the middle and one on the bottom, the back is completely open. 

My dilemma: I think I might cover up the Clarins Paris with script decoupage. I can't make up my mind. What do you think?
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  1. I'm finally sitting down and reading some blogs!! Wow! Great pictures of Fancy Flea, Connie! It shows me what I missed, I ran around so fast, like a chicken with my head cut off. It makes me want to be a shopper next time, we will see.
    I would leave these Clarins Paris Display cases just as they are!! What a great find.
    I'm so glad you and Kiki came to our open house, it really meant a lot to Kathy and I. And, thank you for my butterfly lights! They are going up on my back porch for my family party this weekend!! Kathy was so excited with our chicken wire!! You ladies are just so nice, I like you!!


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